The Sex Massage Shop: Escorts in Bahria Town Phase 7

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When there are beautiful girls working inside a massage parlor they are eventually swooped up by a foreigner. I get a lot of flak for recommending massage shop with hot girls. And then when a reader goes in all they find are ugly harpies. It’s not my fault. Escorts in F6 Islamabad workers with good looks and a perky set of tits are eventually sponsored by a customer.

This happened to Gerald too many times to count. Every single time, it doesn’t matter even when he makes them sign a work contract. The ladies just get their newly found boyfriend to pay and release them from their responsibilities.

You might think why Gerald doesn’t just make the girls sign a contract with an absurdly high release fee. Well if he did that no one would want to work for him. Some ladies just leave because they don’t like getting jackhammered by strangers and want to get away from this type of work. Gerald releases them from their contract out of kindness. He’s seen the types of customers that comes in and wouldn’t blame the ladies for wanting to stop this type of work.

That’s the dilemma that all massage shops in Islamabad have. It’s not the fault of the business owners. I seriously believe most sex massage Escorts in F7 Islamabad land want to make their customers happy.

Escorts in Islamabad

How Much Massage Sex Workers Get Paid

In Gerald’s shop he goes 50/50 with his massage girls. Which is very generous. Many other shops go 60/40 with the shop getting the bigger share. The busiest massage shops and I can’t name it give their ladies 30. But they’re in a big and very popular shop with lots of foreign customers, mainly from Asia and can make a lot of cash through volume.

Angel’s Massage is the most generous, giving their ladies the total amount paid for sex only. Which is one of the reasons why they can maintain a stable roster of Escorts in F8 Islamabad workers.

I recommended Gerald go with the same pay format as Angel’s. But it’s not feasible for his business model because I don’t own the building so there’s rent to pay. While Angels owns the building. Gerald even considered buying the building to offset cost in the long run. He was given an offer he could handle. But his heart wasn’t set on staying in this type of business much longer because it was becoming very difficult to find good quality massage girls. 50/50 profit share was the best he could do for his workers.

Safe Sex Meme Having Escorts in F10 Islamabad without a Condom – I can’t recall. But I think I was offered sex without condoms about a dozen times during the twenty-plus years I’ve been frolicking with prostitutes in Islamabad land. I’ve had sex with out condoms before with the good Islamabad girlfriends that were on the pill. During those times I’ve had short stints of monogamy which never worked out.

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